Juhani Palmu is internationally one of the best-known modern Finnish artists. His versatile work is presented not only in Finland but also in many galleries in Europe and the USA. The backbone of Juhani Palmu’s art is the Finno-Ugric folk tradition, refined in recent years by the artist’s experience of life and the influence of different cultures to deal with human relations in a changing world.


You can get to know Juhani Palmu’s work in the web gallery. A deeper consideration of the artist’s themes and background can be gained from the Symphonies of the Soul menu, where experts from the world of art and communication, Edvard Lucie-Smith, Michael Duffy, Christian Grente and Tapio Varis, write about the artist and his production. Through these pages you can also order the book Symphonies of the Soul and Juhani Palmu’s graphic works.