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Juhani Palmu is one of the most internationally famous Finnish artists

The power of Juhani Palmu's art is that he understands what is essential in a person. Juhani Palmu has a very intimate relationship with the viewer, which he takes deep into himself, into the already forgotten and unconscious.

In Palmu's art, ready-made models from Finnish cultural history have been followed. Palmu has brought together the reality of modern Finland, the ancient world of legends and signs. Communication has risen in the artist's world of thought and expression: people's mutual relations and inner peace in our rapidly changing world.

Juhani Palmu communicates with the traditional means of art

"Juhani Palmu's abundant production surpasses all the shocks of our time, it is timeless in referring to the past as well as the present time and even the future in our minds, because at its deepest level it is related to the Finnish soul, its values, its ways, in other words, everything that is characteristic of his country."

- Christian Grente, art critic

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